water storage

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  1. ALBlair17

    Waterport Weekender vs. Yakima RoadShower4 - Which is better in 2021?

    Hey All, So I have the 3.8 Gallon Waterport and I am a big fan. I'm looking to upgrade to either the 8 Gallon Waterport Weekender or the Yakima RoadShower 4 (7 Gallon). Digging into other forums opinions seem to be pretty split. From looking at reviews for the RoadShower on sites like REI, etc...
  2. LostInSocal

    Rotopax water packs safe for drinking water?

    Hey all, I just got a single 2-gal Rotopax water container to replace a clunky, 4-gal container I stow in the cargo area of my truck. Anyway, though the Rotopax site says these are made from food-grade materials, there definitely is a funky, plastic smell which makes me question the safe storage...
  3. B

    Overland Challenges and Gear to Meet Them, Organized

    So let's see how I can put this to words. Every human has mutual needs. Every overlander is met with mutual challenges. Water gathering, water filtering, food storage, shelter. Then there are things more specific to overlanding like recovery gear, etc. As I am planning my outfitting I can't...
  4. Steve Blair

    A question about water storage

    I've seen multiple pictures of members using water storage containers on roof racks. I was just wondering if that water is OK to remain in the sun in a dark colored/BPA free container? If so, how long have you guys stored it? Thanks