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  1. Yaniv

    Latest trip from a week ago :: Menashe Heights

    There are English subtitles for foreign language speakers (yea - you - foreign people :grimacing:) Enjoy!
  2. 76_overlander

    2 days journey in old Land Rovers

    Hey guys, here is a short film i made about a 2 days trip i organized for friends vintage Land Rover enthusiasts in south west France. We ended the trip in a forgotten military field so if you see this pink machine in the sand, it is an old french army tank abandoned in the forest that was...
  3. ChrispyChris

    California Road Trip: Part 1 - Wingin' It

    Hey guys! At the end of summer, my girlfriend and I headed west to California in her little Jeep Renegade. Here's the video from the first leg of the trip: I know it's not typical overlanding (maybe should've taken the Tundra...), but it was definitely an adventurous journey! Let us know...
  4. Nicholas Holley


    Lets hear from those GOPRO professionals. I'm in the process of learning to record from inside my truck as well as attaching my gopros to my truck. The video is extremely shakey and dang near makes me sick while I'm watching it. What professional tips do yall have for getting some good footage...
  5. Hank Outdoors

    Overlanding on Youtube...

    What would you say are the best Overlanding channels on YouTube for trips, learning or DIY....? I have seen one by some guy named @Michael and another one by @Jake Wettern that are pretty good. Share a link if you would!
  6. nickburt

    Drones for videography and stills

    Ok, so quite a lot of us have various cameras and associated lenses and kit etc... Who uses a drone? What make/model and why did you choose that one. And.......... importantly, how do you rate the quality of the video and stills it produces?
  7. ZuLander

    Member Websites?

    Howdy all! Who else has a site showcasing their rig, travels, and gear? So much we sometimes want to share that just convey properly on social media. And if you make any videos, you know that can be time consuming when you're just starting out! If you have a site, blog, or FB page dedicated...
  8. SLO Rob

    Turf and Surf Video 2016 Pismo Beach, Ca

    never had made a video before and thought a few iPhone clips and iMovie was a good place to start...
  9. Brutus

    Post Your YouTube channel

    I know that Overland Bound has a Youtube page but I was just wondering how many of us have pages as well. This is the link to mine.
  10. Michael

    Our Mission - You are doing it!

    Hey all, here are some thoughts to kick off your week! Overland Bound. Our Mission. What we stand for. Where we are going. While traveling recently in the Sierras, I was pondering important issues and though I should share. Why we do what we do is obvious to us, but maybe not be to all. This...
  11. Michael

    New Video - Alabama Hills!

    We recently traveled to Alabama Hills, CA with a few Members to camp under the shadow of Mount Whitney, and visit the Cerro Gordo Mining ghost town! We were joined by a number of Overland Bound Members during the journey along the way. Enjoy Part I, Part II coming soon!