turbo diesel

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  1. Ob1

    1971 FJ40 Landcruiser converted to Toyota 1HDT diesel engine

    It all started 15 years ago, when my daughter got her license. We figured she need to build her car, that is, if she want to drive one... We purchased a 1971 Toyota Landcruiser with engine issues ($2500). The car has been neglected and was not drivable. But it did not need smog in CA, so could...
  2. theogzilla

    '92 HDJ81 Land Cruiser

    What's going on everyone! Welcome to the build thread for my '92 Turbo Diesel Land Cruiser. I bought this vehicle in August 2018. I've owned several 4WD vehicles in the past but this has to be my favorite one to date. For the most part, I've always owned a JDM vehicle (my other car is a '91...
  3. Henry Foote

    1990 Toyota Hilux Surf

    Hey all! I picked up a super clean 1990 Toyota Hilux Surf (right-hand drive) in December. It's got a 2.4l turbo diesel (2LTE engine) mated to a 5 speed auto trans and 4-wheel drive. I love the damn thing. It was in superb condition when I bought it and it has served me well. The 2LTE engine...