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  1. BchBum11511

    Ground Truth on Expiration Dates

    What is the truth about expiration dates on over the counter medicine? I've heard got to get rid of it the day it expires, the date is just something the manufacturer is forced to put on so it doesn't matter, and everything in between. I tend to error on the side of expired medicine is better...
  2. Michael

    On Call w/ Chris Episode 01: CPR

    Hey all! This is a new series called "On Call with Chris"! This is where Chris will answer questions you have about Trauma and First Aid care! This first episode, Chris talks CPR guessed it...he's on call! Let us know what you think!
  3. El Solis

    Welcome to the First Aid Bootcamp Section-Please start here

    Hello and welcome to the Overland Bound First Aid Bootcamp section! Here you will find all things related to first aid. We will be bringing more content in the future and if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see please feel free to ask. Either via the thread for topic...
  4. El Solis

    What do I carry in my First Aid Kits (FAKs)

    I'm often asked what I carry in my kits so I wrote it down and made it a PDF so anyone can print it out. I recommend printing copies of what is in your kits and keeping them easily accessible so you don't have to hunt through your kit to see if you have that one thing you need. As I have Jedi...