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  1. EricnSD

    Put an offer on a used Lance 1575 to pull with my Rubicon.

    I have a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, so I'm limited to 3500 lbs towing and 350 lbs hitch weight. I considered getting an adventure trailer, but while I'm not new to RVing in general I am new to overlanding and my thinking is I'd rather start with something small like an ultra lite that is less...
  2. OverlandEasternCT

    Towing with a CVT transmission

    So my initial overland plans of purchasing an FJ cruiser haven’t happened yet... i’m currently driving a 2015 outback 2.5 I limited. the FJ is still in the near future i hope, however i want to be able to still go do things and go places with my outback. with my outback being a very limited...
  3. F150Fanatic

    Overland Trailers - Too Destination Restrictive?

    Hey folks! I'm strongly looking into an overland trailer. There are just a lot of things that make sense to me in how they're set up, portability, etc. But I'm curious for those that have them - do you feel restricted in the places you can pull it? We travel to Colorado and Utah several times a...
  4. Teufelmeister

    Is an overland 5th wheel an option?

    Hello all I have been researching if a fifth wheel trailer is a viable option for overlanding. I know that it’s not a “real” off road package, but I’m thinking more unimproved roads and easier 4wd trails? I’d like to do something more than an RTT, specifically with a bathroom, and protection...
  5. M

    Dinoot Trailer Builders

    Hi folks! Seems like there's a few Dinoot builders on the forum, but I didn't see a thread for general Dinoot topics, so I thought I'd start one. The Tventuring forums at seem to be down again. First question: Does anyone have a build parts weight list they'd be willing to share...
  6. JimmyPresley

    Overland Camping Trailers w/ Bathroom?????

    OK so my goal this year is to get my wife into Overland Camping. Not an easy task. She prefers hotels. So the kicker is a bathroom. I am determined to find a small off road capable camper with am indoor bathroom. Surely some of you have been through this and succeeded. Any help or advice...