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  1. Niko Caignie

    Spain - Portugal Trip: Recommendations

    Hi, We are four: Me and my wife and our 2 girls (6-7). Since our last trip this summer in Sweden & Norway (report here) we don't want to wait another year to the next trip. So we are planning to head to Spain & Portugal for two weeks somewhere in January/February next year. The idea is to...
  2. Marf

    FOR SALE Vista, CA. 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha, Luxury and Adventure Package 19K/17K

    Rare 2008 Hummer H3 ALPHA in very good condition with lots of goodies. Current mileage close to 126000. Luxury and Adventure package. Interior and exterior are almost pristine. 3rd owner. Truck has been well maintained and kept under car cover. This is the top of the line model with V8 providing...
  3. Robb Hendry

    Where to find GPS tracks?

    So, I've been searching a bit for off road GPS tracks and have seen the ones here (which are great but limited) and have looked at Hema Explorer but it seems limited too. does anyone know of a good resourse for looking up and downloading tracks? Preferably California and the west.