toyota hilux

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  1. J

    Using a Toyota Hilux for a Europe to West Africa to South Africa to East Africa Roundtrip

    Hey I want to go on this Trip with 3 very good friends and so I thought I would buy a used 2015 Toyota Hilux Double Cab with around 100'000 kilometers (62'100 miles) for all of us. I can get one in my Country for around 27'000 USD. For the vehicle modifications I want to spend no more than 6000...
  2. Neil Q Smith

    Who else has an Arctic Trucks Rig?

    I am curious to find out which / how many OB members also has an Arctic Trucks rig. I have a 2006 Silver Metallic AT37 Arctic Trucks conversion of a Toyota HiLux D-4D D-CAB (Seventh Generation). Volume: 2.4L Power: 128 HP (HK) Fuel: Diesel Transmission / Gearbox: Manual 5-Speed Layout...