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  1. willlord

    For Sale - Online - Saddle Ridge Leather Wrench Roll - New - $200

    Get your hand-made wrench roll today! 100% Full Grain Leather with weather resistant copper and antiqued brass hardware. Elevate the way you carry and store your tools. Get 10% off and free shipping with code 'OB-10'
  2. Brewbud

    Do you carry your good tools on the trail?

    Like many of us, I have collected a lot of hand tools over the years. I do a fair amount of shade tree mechanics at home but I have never been a professional mechanic. Most of my tools are old Craftsman with some Stanley, Crescent, Snap-on and Knipex mixed in. I do have some Pittsburg and...
  3. I

    07' Tundra Axle Bearing Tools?

    Hey guys I need some help, I have a new (used) Tundra that I need to replace the rear axle bearings on. I live in Central VA (RVA), and have seen the tool for replacing the axle bearings for < $200.00. Was wondering if anyone had the tool for sale OR rent for less? My Haynes manual instructs...
  4. MrMark

    What to have in a basic tool roll / Tool Bag??

    I am newbie to the jeep world. 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sports Unlimited. It's my daily car and weekend adventure toy. Nothing crazy, trails, washes and such. Putting together a tool kit for when we pack up the dogs and head off into the wilderness. What would you say are "Must Have" in a tool...
  5. Vincent Keith

    I think I want this -- anyone used one?

    Like most of us, I have projects under the vehicles. On the truck, it's not too bad, but an extra 10-15" of clearance - would be nice. I was looking at various how to videos and found this: Anyone ever used these...
  6. ClearwaterScott

    Compressor with air tools. Really?

    I have been debating on board air. A number of people have mentioned the ARB twin unit is capable of running power tools. I am curious if anyone has actual experience (this or a different unit) using for tools. IF the unit could be used for some around the house projects requiring an air...
  7. Wildland Outdoors

    Vehicle Tools (Merged thread)

    After reading @ShawnR's post about sockets I figured a good thread to start would be one on what tools at a minimum should someone carry in their rig. This would be a good place for newer people to come and get an idea on what to carry. Right now I carry: Screwdrivers Wire stripper/crimper...
  8. Wolvee

    Hi-Lift Jack!

    This little guy showed up today! Now, if I only had time to play with it. Things might settle down in a couple weeks and I'll get to take it out. I honestly didn't know if I should get the 48" or the 60" but I figured being a full size truck, the 60's would probably be better. The thing sure...