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  1. Laughing Otter

    Happy Thanksgiving or best wishes for whatever you celebrate today!

    Wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate wishes and have fun!
  2. MidwestTim

    Event Cancelled - thanksgiving in the woods

    camping and logging roads in wayne national forest, we will be meeting up on Friday morning and staying until sunday, I am bringing a deep fryer and turkeys along with a few side dishes. me and member swafftybuilt will be hosting this event. camping is free! feel free to contact me with any...
  3. Gunnermoose

    Thanksgiving 2016 - Lee's Ferry

    Recently completed the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving trip to Lee's Ferry in Northern AZ. Is the the western ending of the Glenn Canyon area or the eastern start of the Grand Canyon. You decide. This year was a great success as we more than doubled our group size from last year (4-10). Again the usual...