switch pros

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  1. adv_ranger

    Switch Rocker Panels

    Looking for some suggestions on what kind of switchboards to look into. Looking for 6-8 switches to power a light bar, air compressor, ditch lights, amber chase lights, and possibly another roof rack light bar. I have had my eye on a switch pros rocker as well as the rough country MLC-6 panel...
  2. S

    Need help with Switch Pros 9100

    Anyone know a good installation video or blog? I’m scared to start on this project and not being able to finish it within a day since my rig is a daily. Any tips or recommendations would be awesome as well! I currently have lights attached to harnesses and not exactly sure what I’ll have to cut...
  3. JohnTYoung

    Sliders before lockers. A Taco Build Story

    I installed RCI rock sliders on my Taco and thought I'd give the YouTube a try again. Let me know what works and what doesn't. And now for some RCI Skid Plates Prinsu Roof Rack