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  1. D

    Resolved Criteria for Overland Route

    Do overland routes that members submit need to meet specific criteria to be approved for the OB routes? I was thinking of working my way through Wisconsin's Rustic Roads routes, but they are paved. Would this count? Are there distance / remoteness requirements, etc.? Thank you in advance for any...
  2. SVgarage

    Not Showing Up On Map

    I joined as a member a couple of weeks ago. It looks like most of my profile features are working, but for some reason, I do not show up on the map, nor is there a "view map" link on my forum posts. Is there something that I need to activate? Or do I need to pass a certain amount of posts or...
  3. Rugged Life

    Members Map Permission Error

    Ive signed up, and then from the store purchased membership, received Facebook confirmation, Email Confirmation as would expect however I still get the same "Permission Error" when i try to access the Members Map. Ive tried contacting via Facebook, Ive emailed and used the contact form...
  4. Corrie

    Customer and Technical Support - Email

    Hey everyone! If you have a question about an order you placed, you need an update on a supporter pack, or you are having a technical issue with the forums, website or store... Email This is our Customer Support pipeline for all things problem solving. @Amanda1248...