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  1. Nickzero

    Colorado Trails?

    What's up community. My name is Nikko and I drive a black 2017 JKU. I hear CO has some pretty cool 4x4 trails to venture through and was looking to get some expert suggestions on where these locations are. I will be moving up to Westminster CO next month from central FL and would greatly...
  2. X

    40k buget looking to join the overland community

    I am currently deployed in the military and will be getting home for good in May this year. I'm trying to spoil myself a little and have been researching a ton of trucks/SUV's that would get me everywhere I could dream of overlanding to. Ill have about 40k to throw at whichever car and was...
  3. Boort

    Insight on Camping in the Eastern Sierrias

    Does anyone have any good dispersed camping in the Eastern Sierrias between Bishop and Lee Vining? Trying to meep up with some firends who will be driving a mixed collection of rigs including one large Rental SUV (IE: Suburbun, Expidition, Tahoe Xl etc... Not really an offroad rig) since they...
  4. TheVlado

    Overland Trip Through Banff & Jasper - Where to Stay?

    Hi all, we are starting a 16 day trip from Toronto to Banff & Japser Parks. For those who have been there, could you tell us what your favorite parts were, what to see and avoid? And also if there are any good crown land (public land) sites, close to the parks, to camp on? You can message them...
  5. Nicky B

    New member in Charlotte NC, suggestions for trips??

    Hey everyone, I'm not usually much of a forum guy, but I found this website and couldn't resist because it's exactly how I want to use my new truck. I live in Charlotte NC and I'm looking for places to take my truck where there are as few people as possible. I'm heading to Uwharrie National...