subaru forester

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  1. DharmaBum

    US Southwest Winter Road trip: TX to CA

    Helping a family member move to TX at the end of January. After which I will be driving back home from Houston to California. I wanted to take some time (6-7 days) to explore western TX, southern NM & AZ. I was thinking Big Bend Desert, White Sands NP, & I can't quite figure out AZ/ (Maybe...
  2. DharmaBum

    US West Weekend Introduction to Cleveland National Forest: Trabuco District

    Hi there! Absolute Newb here, looking for some SoCal guidance. I'm trying to cut my teeth on a weekend exploratory mission through Cleveland National Forest's Trabuco district. Wanted to get out and start building up my experience with my vehicle (Subaru Forester) while exploring some local...
  3. NateWW35

    NateWW, new Subaru here

    Hi, I'm Nate, I currently live in Denver, CO, I help admin a Facebook group called Offroading Subarus of Colorado, a fairly small community of Subaru enthusiasts who like to push the limits of our vehicles on trails around Denver/Boulder. I am fairly new to overlanding, but have been wheelin my...
  4. G

    New member from Bellingham, WA

    Hi all, I just purchased a 2006 Subaru Forester with 157k miles on the clock. It’s the 2.5L XT and was imported from Canada. I’m hoping to get some all terrain tires on Method wheels before the end of summer and other minor upgrades like mud flaps, cargo basket roof rack, Pioneer CarPlay...
  5. GTFO

    New From Los Angeles

    Hey y'all! I'm happy to finally be here. My current rigs are a 1988 Toyota Pickup, an AT Overland Chaser trailer, and my latest project was an '02 Subaru Forester that I just wanted to play with. I've been an RV systems mechanic for a while, and am finally getting around to making the leap into...
  6. Paha Sapa

    My old overland vehicle

    Took me out only many good and exciting times...I miss her!
  7. kevinpdx

    #5972; checking in from Portland - hello!

    Hello everyone! Glad to be a part of the community finally. I call Portland Oregon, here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest my home. Looking forward to meeting some awesome people, learning, and getting outside to explore. I don't have a super luxurious or large rig but my lifted 2002 Forester...
  8. SwimWill

    Subaru Forester 2016

    Been working on a Subaru Forester 2016 for a year now. This is what I got now. More pics to come. Exterior 30" led light bar combo 150w 13k lumens 2x 8" led light bar 18 w 1350 lumens each From Rally bar From Rhino luggage rack Mounted CB...
  9. HudsonZRoamer

    2010 Subaru Forester (Turbo) Overland Build Thread

    Thought I start a build thread on here starting TODAY! :tonguewink: Even though I have been building this rig for the past three years..haha Here is a link to my complete build thread and modifications list for future reference. Subaru Forester Overland Build Subaru Forester Overland Mt...