subaru crosstrek

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  1. samba

    New Member from West LA

    Hello everyone, I am Swamy and i am super excited about joining the Overland Bound family and making my first post. I live in Los Angeles (Santa Monica area). I drive a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek which is 99% stock, except for upgraded headlights. I am a beginner overlander with some experience...
  2. IceBear505

    Added GMRS to '18 Trek

    Spent part of my time since the holidays researching which direction to head on COMS. Decided to venture into GMRS as it feels similar to CB and without the testing required for HAM. (May eventually venture into HAM as that seems well supported by OB community). Finding a spot to route back to...
  3. Ameyryan

    Which One?!

    I have such an important question that I must answer but without any real experience overlanding I am unsure how to proceed. With an extensive background in camping and hiking, I have an inclination towards an answer but would still like advice! So here is the question, What vehicle should I...