southern california

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  1. jesseazarva

    Southern California Snow Wheeling ( El Paso Mountains)

    We are back in the snow! New Years weekend takes us out into a snowy winter wonderland once again. Come along as we put the tow rig to the test as we hit some slushy 4x4 trails. Out in the California desert once again, to do some offroading in the snow and mud. California RV travel in snowy...
  2. gooroo_dougie

    Sequoia NF - Piute Mtn - Jan/Feb

    Hey all! New to the community, transitioning from backpack camping to vehicle-based adventuring. I drive lots of dirt utility roads in the SoCal backcountry for work, but have started getting out on my own now, mostly truck trails and campgrounds while I kit out for longer trips and dispersed...
  3. J

    Howdy from Burbank!

    Hey there! Just joined in the last week, and got encouraged to post an intro message. Here's the scoop: 1) LOCATION: We split our time between Burbank, CA and Missoula, Montana. 2) Favorite locations: The California high desert, the Eastern Sierras and the mountains of Western Montana. 3)...
  4. Adventure-Yeti

    Burns Canyon Trail - 2N02 (Yucca Valley, CA to Big Bear, CA)

    Hello fellow OLB Members, If you're interested in a fun, Southern California Trail? Here you go! We took a fairly popular Southern California trail this past weekend and had a blast. It has a fair amount of terrain & elevation changes, along with some challenging sections that will allow...