san diego ob

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  1. Kasey P. Condon

    Mod Help in San Diego!

    Hello All! Need help figuring out the right direction. Long story short: I have been putting off finishing up my rig for some time now. But I just found out that my job will be moving me overseas in 18 months. My fiance and I plan on taking my Jeep overseas but have now realized I better start...
  2. Kyle & Kari Frink

    US West San Diego Overland Bound Trail Runs

    This thread was created so as to not interfere/confuse anyone in regards to our Monthly San Diego OB Meetup, for that Forum the link is posted below. Keep in mind that this is a...
  3. Snupee

    San Diego OB

    I'm new to the OB family and was looking to hook up with local San Diego/SoCal Overlanders. I noticed there are OC and IE groups which I'm looking forward to to meeting, but was hoping there was a SD chapter for a more local presence to start planning some trips? Look forward to meeting up with...