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  1. Overland 79

    US East Vermont Overland Event - "The Pilgrimage" - Sept 2021

    The Pilgrimage is one of the largest gatherings of like minded off-road enthusiasts in the Northeast. Our participants come from all over the US and drive all sorts of vehicles ranging from Brand New Defenders to early American 4x4s. It is the evolution of the former Vermont Overland...
  2. arupp

    2018 Mahindra Roxor Safari Rig

    Initial mock up of the safari cage is done, Rick at Ceeco Racing is doing great work, far exceeding my skills and tools required to do this quality of a job. Im glad I went with him on this project. He has more in store, these are just progress pics. I will be doing some additional work on this...
  3. BenditoMonte

    SOUTH AFRICA Kruger National Park

    Good morning fellas 2019 will be the year we will visit South Africa, October-november maybe. We want to see wildlife so a safari has always been a dream for us but they are very expensive for us, so the Self drive safari idea came around at Overland Expo suggested by a nice guy at the maps...
  4. NZ4runner

    2017 4runner TRD Off Road build "Hyperion"

    Just picked the new 2017 TRD Off road 4runner. Been waiting since February... The dealership forgot the TRD skid plate in front, but otherwise im excited to get started. Here are the Before Photos... Ill very soon be installing... -RCI sliders -Bfg Ko2 275/70/17 tires -Gobi stealth rack -Baja...
  5. jdunk

    Chrome vs. Safari

    Within the last couple days, it seems that when I come to the site using Google Chrome, the site seems to hang, and animation over the alerts box doesn't go away. If I switch to Safari, the problem doesn't seem to happen. MacOS Version: 10.12 Chrome Version: 64.0.2840.71 (64-bit) Safari...
  6. Laughing Otter

    Great article on TAD's safari style, off grid adventure!

    Great article on overlanding/ adventuring from Triple Aught Design... DESTINATION : GRANITE 092016 AAR...