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  1. Craig Schueren

    Jeep Rotopax mounts

    So one of my problems with my Jeep JK is that I have a small gas tank and that means limited range, 200 miles normally. Being a 2 door, not a lot of room. But its mine and not changing it anytime soon unless someone wants to give me something. So I had done many different things but I think I...
  2. OpsWest

    US Southwest FS: Los Angeles - Leitner Designs Active Cargo System 6.4 ft bed RAM 1500/2500/3500 PRICE DROP

    Leitner Active Cargo system (classic) for sale in Los Angeles, CA (near Glendale). Fits 2002-2020 RAM 2500 6.4 bed and other 6.4ft beds. Rack is Loaded with the following accessories i've accumulated over the past year: Active Cargo system (4) universal mounting plates all bolts mounting...
  3. Acolle

    SOLD SOLD - Denver, CO - RotoPaX Diesel Fuel Containers (2) with locking mounts | All NEW - $200 | Shipping not included

    SOLD $200 for everything (shipping not included) New. Never used, mounted or filled. Set of two with locking mounts (keyed the same) Can be mounted as separate containers, stacked or locked end to end as one.
  4. CURRIN1776

    2011 F150 FX4 Build is Now Underway

    Hello Everyone, New Member and looking forward to learning and sharing. I'm in Southeast GA about an hour North of Savannah. Well versed in Survival, Prepping, Camping, etc. Lots of Offroad adventures growing up and time spent in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping and practicing survival...
  5. T

    Rotopax and plastic shavings

    Hello all, I have just gotten back from my first overland style trip and was unloading the rig to return it to normal use. I finished emptying the first of my rotopax containers into my fuel tank so I could store the container when I noticed some plastic shavings stuck in the spout. So I then...
  6. SVgarage

    Rotopax Fuel Canisters Warp

    Only about 7 months ago, I purchased two 2-gallon Rotopax fuel canisters. I mounted them on the back of my Jeep JK with the Rotopax Deluxe mount that they offer, stacking them flush against each other. There has always been a little bit of a challenge getting the mounting handle on, since there...
  7. Arepas

    Carrying extra fuel on the cheap

    Planning on going to death valley next month, there is a place that I want to visit and I'll probably need extra fuel if one of the nearest gas station is closed. I plan to visit the Eureka Dunes and explore around, I would like to be able to go, explore and return and still have some gas to go...
  8. Hourless Life

    External Fuel Tank. Not Rotopax. Just installed the Titan Trail Trekker II

    New mod installed We just added the Titan Fuel Tanks Trail Trekker II to our overlanding arsenal. We opted for this fuel tank rather than the Rotopax for several reasons: First off, this tank holds 12 gallons. Yes 12. Secondly, the tank is grounded, vented, and has rollover protection...
  9. SwampcatJeep

    FOR SALE NE Oklahoma - FR Slimline II Roof Rack Accessory Mounts - FREE SHIPPING TO USA

    These will fit any FR Slimline II rack. They're not specific to the Jeep model. I sold my rack with my Jeep about 4 months ago. Kept these accessories planning to get another Slimline for my new Jeep JLU, but FR won't have their new rack design out until next year sometime and I can't wait...
  10. SVgarage

    Rotopax vs. Fuelpax

    I'm looking for fuel storage for my rig. I've ruled out the traditional Jerry cans and have narrowed my search to the Rotopax systems. What is the main differences between the Rotopax and the Fuelpax besides the price? What is the caveat? Durability? Production quality? Convenience features? Of...
  11. LostInSocal

    Rotopax water packs safe for drinking water?

    Hey all, I just got a single 2-gal Rotopax water container to replace a clunky, 4-gal container I stow in the cargo area of my truck. Anyway, though the Rotopax site says these are made from food-grade materials, there definitely is a funky, plastic smell which makes me question the safe storage...
  12. GXnGS

    SOLD Maxtrax Brackets Bay Area CA

    Now that I have Jerry can holders on the bumper and a Maxtrax bag, I'm finally selling a few items: 2x Rhino Rack Pioneer Maxtrax Side Brackets with Maxtrax Pin set. Retails for $150, yours for $120 shipped...
  13. MattHowell65

    SOLD - 2 Rotopax 2 Gallon Fuel Tanks AND 2 Lox Mounts - KC, MO

    NEW! Never used and in perfect condition. I bought all this in January and then ended up selling my Jeep before I mounted any of it. Now I have no where to mount it on my stock 4Runner! 2 Rotopax 2 Gallon Fuel Packs - $80 each 2 Lox Mounts (Key'd...