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  1. MrChaucer

    Roof top tent reviews, suggestions, pros/cons

    Wanted to get information on those who have used or currently use rooftop tents. I'm looking into and realize the price point can be high and want to know what I'm getting into before pulling the proverbial trigger on one. So, please tell me your experience(s), any pros and cons. Suggestion...
  2. rooftentoverland

    Prado (J15) + Roof Rack + HardShell RTT + Shadow Awn?

    Hi everybody! >>Short version: How do I mount a HardTop RTT and a 270° Awning to the same rack on a Prado? << Long version: We are looking into getting a roofack for our rig, as I want to mount a few bits and extras (lights, shadow awn, jerry cans, shovel, table) to the car. We have a 2016...