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  1. Ulysses

    Overland truck hire

    Hi folks, I’m an OB’r from down under and need some advice from my USA OB brothers & sisters. My wife and I did a road trip a few years ago around the southern states, hiring an SUV and buying some basic camping gear when we got there. It was great fun but we never really got off the main...
  2. Hank Outdoors

    Successful trip to Stowe Vermont

    Got back yesterday and what a great time we had! Lots of back roads, dirt roads and even put the FJ on a ferry to cross Lake Champlain. We stayed at the Little River State Park just outside of Waterbury, VT. We visited several brewery's, Cabot cheese, Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream factory and...
  3. NWNavigator

    Backroad Still lifes

    One of my favorite things to photograph when I travel are those found objects, worn walls, creaking doors and forgotten memories that draw my eye. As a professional in the film era I would wander around in the early morning hours with a few rolls of Kodachrome and my trusty Canon F1n. Now with...
  4. Chris Freeth

    overland expo west

    I know this a long time away but i'm planning a trip out to overland expo west in Flagstaff,Arizona. I was wondering if anyone is going to it? I'm coming from Florida and was thank if anyone want to do a road trip with me?
  5. Art

    Falls Church, VA to Seattle, WA

    Well im flying into Dulles on Wedneday Nov. 29th at around 3:45pm to buy my new (to me) 2006 Lexus GX470 and then driving it all the way home to Seattle, WA. I am planning to be hauling butt most of the way but figured I would check if there were any good spots to stop along the route that would...
  6. D

    Eh-llo from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi! My name is Nick, I'm fairly new to the Overlanding community, being introduced to the ideology in the last year. I've always been an avid outdoorsman, from camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, etc. A friend of mine recently purchased a 2016 JKU, and since we've been exploring more...
  7. Brad A Kropp

    Black Hills in Winter (FL to SD)

    Wanted to share my trip with the community and open it up for suggestions. Not a pure overlanding trip, but (hopefully) a rather epic roadtrip. The trip: Black Hills & Custer State Park Day Hiking Start Point: Jupiter, FL Destination: Keystone, SD Dates: 12/17 thru 12/24 Leg #1: FL to...
  8. J

    Road Trippin

    Taking a road trip to Joshua Tree, CA; Sedona, AZ; Monument Valley, UT; Antelope CYN, AZ; Zion National park, UT; and the Grand Canyon. This is a solo trip and I really don't have any time constraints. Looking to do some offroading, but nothing too crazy. I drive a 100 series with stock...