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  1. maviccbr

    Ditch Light

    Hi Overlanders! I have just purchased a set of bonnet bracket mounts for my PX2 (2018) Wildtrak Ranger and am chasing some opinions on the lights type to mount. I have been looking at the 'Stedi C4 Black Ed Light Cube Flood' as I believe spot would be better suited for highway/at speed driving...
  2. GabrielSyler

    Undercar water tank storage & tap

    I'm always looking for ways to free space in the back of the vehicle or from the roof and when I saw an undercar moulded water tank I thought it would be a great edition. It's 25 litres, which is more than enough for a long weekend, which make up most of my trips. I wanted a tap in...
  3. Fsdmoore

    The time has come! WJ build.

    Long time listener, first time poster... Iv never been a fan of posting on forums but Iv always enjoyed the useful information that could be had from reading the forums. So I figured it was my turn to post as I am begging a new journey. Out with the old..... In with the new...
  4. Overland Vagabond

    Overland Vagabond - Cool Global Expedition Vehicle

    Hi there, This is to introduce a slightly different build of an expedition vehicle - European size, Ford Ranger 2016 base platform and Geocar CondorPlus cell. I’ve quit my job and cut short my career to become a full-time Overlander, and I've opted to document on various channels our...
  5. GEO_Fabi.Mhlr

    Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany

    Hey guys, I guess I'm one of the younger folks here. I started "Overlanding" with 17 with a 50ccm Mokick (max.45km/h), taking trips up to seven hours through back country roads avoiding any bigger streets. Later upgrading to a Suzuki GSX F from 1996 touring through Germany and using it as Daily...
  6. Sasquatch

    New North Texas Member

    Hi Everyone! New member to the forum from North Texas area (north of DFW). I have 2 overland rigs (pictured below). I run an off-road club and we like to hit the trails as much as possible. As part of that, I am finding that I enjoy the overland adventure part as much if not more than the...