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  1. TheGreyhound

    Realistic range for FRS and GMRS handhelds?

    So before going full radio command station with my rig, I grabbed some 2watt FRS/GMRS handhelds. They’re fcc certified so all good there. I’m a former general ham but not in many years. took the dog on a walk around the neighborhood to give them a test. 6 blocks away...about 1/4 mile they...
  2. Gryf

    Overland communications: My current solution

    TLDR: Wife and I wanted a way to talk to groups without use needing to become radio operators. I programmed the Rugged Radio defaults & GMRS channels 17-22 on my hand held radios. If you want to know the logic please read on. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and influence. I haven't...
  3. A

    OB Approved Baofeng radio configuration and methods

    Hi guys, I know a lot of you may have (or be interested in picking up) a Baofeng handheld radio such as the UV-5R for cheap effective/quality FM voice communications, but may not totally understand what they're capable of, the radio services they can support, or how to properly configure them...
  4. Teague

    OB Frequencies List

    I've seen this on other sites, where we make a master list of the most common frequencies. Since we're so spread out maybe organize it by region? HAM National Simplex Calling 1.25M: 223.50 2M: 146.52 70cm: 446.00 33cm: 906.50 23cm: 1294.500 Misc NOAA: 162.550, 162.400, 162.475, 162.425...
  5. ce4460

    Vehicle ID

    It may have been done before, and/or suggested by someone else, but I first read the suggestion in a forum by Northern_XS. My member number is attached in reflective numbers on the front windshield (as shown) and in black letters on the rear tailgate. The intention is to make radio...
  6. Laughing Otter

    Communications Gear & Thieves

    Hello all... So, in my Rover I use several forms of communications Gear...My most basic is my CB radio. When I first outfitted the Rover I was running a Galaxy 99v 10 meter lasted 3 months before a thief smashed my drivers side window and took it... Next up, was a tweaked, tuned...