propane tank

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  1. Delkat

    5lb vs 10lb Propane Bottle

    Does anyone have any recommendations on propane bottle sizes? I'm running a pickup with modular 12" bed rack so I could mount it in the rear corner of the bed (with an AT Overland mount) and feed my 2 burner stove and, when needed, a heater for the RTT. I was thinking there may be a way to...
  2. Hourless Life

    Propane Tank Solution Thread

    I've seen some external propane tanks on a few rigs for cooking and water heating. Was hoping that anyone who has one might share a photo of their set up and what mount / holder they use. Also please provide feedback and insight for those of us thinking on getting one. Thanks!


    Hey overland family, Ive been researching propane tank carrying laws across the united states. Does anyone have any info on this? My family and I are traveling across many state lines and want to be safe and within the law. I plan to mount the 5 lb tank either on my roof rack or the back of...
  4. Hank Outdoors

    Small Propane Tanks

    I am looking for the size of the small propane tanks that I see people mounting on bumpers and trailers. Not the small green disposables and not the regular 20 Lb'ers. Also...Approximately how long do they last just being use for cooking?
  5. Glenn

    Bucks 2013 JKUR Build,Trails & Tales

    I bought this brand new and it has been evolving ever since it hit our driveway. I built this for trail riding and rock crawling and have 60k on it now and love it. Times change and now we want to mix the trail with the camping so the transformation is taking place and we are very excited about...