5lb vs 10lb Propane Bottle

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Does anyone have any recommendations on propane bottle sizes? I'm running a pickup with modular 12" bed rack so I could mount it in the rear corner of the bed (with an AT Overland mount) and feed my 2 burner stove and, when needed, a heater for the RTT. I was thinking there may be a way to mount a 5lb to the inside of the bed rack to get it out of the bed but I don't think the 10lb will fit (12" tall vs. 17.5").

Trips will be 3-5 days and I'm cooking for 1-2 people mostly.



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I was hoping someone with First hand experience would have answered this as I’m debating the same a 4.25 vs 11lb. We mostly only do 1-2 night trips cooking for 2-3, so I’m leaning towards the 4.25# to get away from green 1#. However if we threw the buddy heater into the mix often with longer trips then the 11# would be more sensible to ensure enough and not need to hold on to too many green backups. I think for just cooking the smaller would be adequate for a few days especially if it fit your setup the best.
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I've been running a 5lb bottle and I've been very happy getting away from the disposables. I use it for cooking, light, heat and sometimes a combination. More is always nice but everything I do is done with weight saving in mind and I've never run dry when I was out. Admittedly when I run heat its only for a few minutes before bed and again in the morning.