project rig

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  1. Iceman.Actual

    2020 Silverado 1500 Overland Boss - Falka

    Starting up this thread as I begin to accumulate mods and additions for my Trail Boss. Just took her out on her first overland this past weekend (link to that thread to come) but felt it was finally the right time to start taking pictures and posting about her. This christening voyage is also...
  2. cesarbosch97

    Project Nitro, advice needed.

    hey guys I'm new here , yay me, lol I have this dodge nitro 4x4 which I bought to go off roading but needs a suspension that can last and hold its ground, plus being able to lift my fat SUV 2" off the ground, any ideas on a good type of suspension for it? brand?
  3. Smileyshaun

    joyota 73 cj5 i guess now it's a "gladiator" build

    This build starts a long long time ago with many dead ends , failures and even being sold once . The eventual goal is to build a reliable very capable crawler/snow blaster with room for 4 and space for some gear . Specs so far Basicly a SAS 87 Toyota pu 5.29s v6 diffs Arb front Detroit rear...
  4. T_Polo

    FOR SALE Project... 1989 Suburban V1500 4x4

    Located in Tampa, Florida! I bought this truck almost 2 years ago when my wife and I had a kid. I For the past year, I haven't had a need for all the extra room. It has been my daily driver while doing repairs. I've been considering selling it for the past few months. There has been a bottom...