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  1. North40overland

    Nice Rack but What a Pain

    I am very excited that I have finally installed a Prinsu Rack on my 2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2. After weeks of waiting, it finally came in. I really like the build quality, design, look and functionality of this system. I think that Prinsu has done an excellent job designing and building the roof...
  2. Rick-O

    TX to CO, We Load Up The Family and Explore Colorado in Our Ford Ranger!

    I loaded up the wife and kids and travel from San Antonio TX to the Denver area and then to Chinns Lake in Colorado. It was quiet the adventure... and not what we expected. Here's part 1 of 3:
  3. cgranier

    Roof Rack (length/options/questions)

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to decide on a roof rack (model and size) for my stock 2018 4Runner TRDOR. I believe in adding as little additional weight as possible to my truck, though sometimes there's a trade-off with functionality. I also believe asking people with experience is a great way to...
  4. Reylux

    2011 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab/Long Bed

    Hello! This is the start of my "in progress" build of my 2011 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Access Cab/Long Bed. It is an automatic V6 4x4 and was originally purchased used, with 104,000 miles on it. When I first purchased it, it came with a 3" Rough Country spacer lift and 285/75R16 BFGoodrich KO2's. It...
  5. stickel

    Prinsu load panel rattle

    Last fall I bought a Prinsu rack and a couple load panels. Pretty happy with them so far but the load panels rattle like crazy at highway speeds. I tried putting some weather stripping on the panel but it's too thick and won't fit in the grooves on the rack. So I found some thinner all purpose...
  6. mitchellsk8s

    Snowboard rack with rtt?

    Has anyone mounted a snowboard carrying rack while also carrying your rtt? I'd like to make this work because it's a pain to remove my rtt from the top of my rig. For context, I have a CVT rtt which takes up the entire width of my prinsu roof rack on my 2018 4runner. I do have some room up...
  7. TalonTheToyota

    Talon the Toyota

    This rig has made it possible for us (Ed and Kim) to make new friends, do things for charity using the rig, do things offroad we never imagined possible, and spend time together with my wife doing something we both love. About to embark on our first long round-trip journey from Dallas to the...