power wagon

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  1. CHILL907

    Its Power Wagon Time

    We've reached a point with our growing family were space was becoming an issue and we felt like it was time for an upgrade, so welcome the Power Wagon! Coming from a pretty modified FJ Cruiser it has been quite a change adjusting to this behemoth of a rig, mostly due to wheelbase issues...
  2. Wolfy

    Power Wagon on Snake Lake Trail, Tahoe National Forest

    It’s a tense moment piloting a full size truck down a technical jeep trail. Each wheel placement critical, springs squeaking, rocks grinding under the tires, metal bits hanging low under the truck rasping over boulders in the trail telegraphing either minor scuffing or potentially catastrophic...
  3. crit_pw

    Roof racks for full size trucks?

    I have scoured the threads and done a lot of looking online but am not seeing much in the way of a model specific roof rack for the RAM trucks. Mine is a 2016 Power Wagon with the crew cab. Is anyone running a model specific roof rack on their 4th gen RAM? If so who is it made by. Any other full...
  4. Eric Haltom

    Magnus Rising!

    So I have a 2017 Ram Power Wagon which I am converting into an overland rig. I have a long list of things I'd like to do, how fast I do them or if I do them is another story... but here's Magnus. And as of right now Magnus is bone stock other than the license plate frame and windshield...
  5. Eric Haltom

    Another "Where Do I Start" thread!

    Hi guys, So I am a new member and overlander. I have a Power Wagon that I am want to set up as an Overlanding rig and I'm not sure where I should start. I have a $20k list of things I'd like to do, but the budget doesn't agree with that plan, so I need to start slow. My overall plan is to have a...
  6. crit_pw

    Power Wagon Registry

    I have seen a few members running a Power Wagon as their Overland vehicle of choice. How many Power Wagon members are here? My 2016 Power Wagon.