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  1. raptor510

    Over landing with a dog

    Ok, in short I’m wanting to begin taking my doggo over landing with me. I’ve got everything covered except his sleeping arrangement. I have a Tacoma with the long bed which I sleep in, and a storage drawer with a fridge & slide mounted to it. This leaves zero room for anyone but me to sleep...
  2. morganwest95

    Dogs with motion sickness?

    Hello. I did a quick search on the forum and didn't find anything about this topic. I have two dogs, and neither of them do very well in the truck once it starts getting twisty, turny, bouncy, or all three. I recently took them two hours up north to a lake, and both of them threw up in the...
  3. Kevigizmo

    Overlanding with Animals (Pets or Other..?)

    As we all know, Overlanding and Off-roading are pretty much two separate beasts of their own, but talking about beasts, it's becoming more and more popular to be travelling with your beloved pets (Dogs mostly but there have been cases of people taking more.. exotic ones along for the ride)...