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  1. nolimitsoverland

    First Overland Adventure With My Dad | PATRIOT CAMPER X3 Pack Down

    Watch as I do a pack down of the Patriot Camper X3. I was blessed to have the chance to take my Dad on his first weekend overland adventure on the Georgia Traverse trail. The trip didn't end exactly how I would have wanted but we had a great time nevertheless and made some memories. It was his...
  2. nolimitsoverland

    Our Patriot Camper X3 Walk Around Vid

    We finally released our walk around vid on our YouTube channel for anyone that is interested
  3. nolimitsoverland

    Picking Up Our Overland Trailer the Patriot Camper X3 - YouTube

    Our first video of the 2021 year and first video on our channel! Watch as we travel to Durant, OK to Exploration Outfitters in our 2020 Jeep Rubicon Diesel to pick up our new off-grid and off-road overland trailer, the Patriot Camper X3. We get a chance to interview Matt Green, CEO & Founder of...
  4. nolimitsoverland

    New Member From The South East

    My wife and I are into overlanding and thought why not document our journeys from the beginning for others to enjoy, learn from, but more likely learn what not to do :). At the same time I want to push my abilities as an amateur videographer and editor to share our adventures, do gear reviews...
  5. DasKeyserSoze

    FOR SALE San Diego, CA: Eight PCOR Wheels

    Eight (8) Matte Black 17x9 PCOR Wheels in like new condition with less than 1500 miles on them. Asking $1200. Pattern: 5x150 Load Rating: 1500kg OffSet: N25 Center Caps and Nuts included
  6. C

    US Rocky Mountain Wanted - Midwest - Used Patriot Camper X1

    I am looking to purchase a used Patriot Camper X1. If you're selling, please push your details my way.
  7. Pek2001

    New Trailer

    Hi everyone - I am new to the forum and looking to get my family into Overland style adventures. I have been researching the Patriot Camper X1, which really interest me in quality, quick setup and family friendly. What are people’s opinion on the brand? Is the quality truly there for the higher...