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  1. Obi-Juan

    SOLD OZTENT EYRE-2 E-2 (4-5 Person) Tent w/Mesh Floor Saver - Glendale, CA

    Hi All, We bought this awesome setup at the end of last summer, used it on one trip so it is in excellent almost new condition. It has since been in storage and is ready for another family to enjoy. Too many tents, so this one has to go! :) Retail for the tent itself is $699, plus the floor...
  2. sabjku

    US East Looking for a Used Oztent RV4 or 5

    I'm looking to pick up a used Oztent, one hopefully in very nice condition. I'm open to an RV4 or 5. It could be the tent by itself, or with rainfly and other accessories. Thought I'd put a feeler out here to see if anyone has anything. Thanks!
  3. IELIAS12

    SOLD OzTent RV3 - New England - $675 - Will meet buyer some place reasonable

    Hi Everyone! (please send me email direct to ielias12@yahoo.com) I'm looking to downsize from an Oztent RV3...If you, or anyone you know, is interested in my RV3, I purchased mine exactly 1 yr ago today. (6/14/17) - I've had the pleasure of using it 4 times and love it, but since I drive a...
  4. RichieFromBoston

    Oztent foxwing awning Review

    I had just done a review of my ARB 2500by200 and went out to MOAB and back and promptly bought welded up some mounts and installed a Rhinorack oztent foxwing. lightyears of differnce well worht it and not even double the price SOLID.
  5. nickburt

    RTT or ground tent & why

    We've been camping for many, many years, both for holidays, Scouting and Overlanding. Over the years we've used a variety of ground tents and roof tents. For us, each has it's merits, depending on the type of trip. Long term stops - 3 or 4 days or more, ground tents win for us - set up and no...
  6. Obi-Juan

    HEADS UP - EBAY posting! - Oztent RV-2 30 Second Quick Fast Setup 2-3 Person Camping Tent

    This is a HEADS UP for any fellow OB members out there in the market for an OZ tent. This Ebay post is fairly recent and they just dropped the price to $675 (down from 700), with free shipping from Florida included. I'd buy it but I'm holding out for a deal on an RV-3 model. It was apparently...
  7. BEAR

    Wanted: OzTent RV-5(purchased)

    I want to get an OzTent RV-5. If anyone sees one for sale at a good price let me know. Thanks!!