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  1. pnwexplorer

    South / West Sound Pint Night

    Time for a meet up for us South Sound and West Sound area folks. Looking to meet up in Tacoma for the first meeting at The Camp Bar, Saturday March 28 at 3PM. 1310 Tacoma ave S, Tacoma, Wa 98402 Since this is our first meeting we'll just hang out and get to know each other and anything else...
  2. Mike Dubya

    US Northwest Montana Ghost Town Rally

    “Abandoned towns are a blast to explore, especially in a state with as much history as Montana. And even though our state is so large, you can hit quite a few of them in a day (or a weekend, which is probably preferable). This road trip through Montana ghost towns will have you leaving from and...
  3. Roy & Kristin Zirpoli


    We are headed up Wednesday after work to explore the St. Helens area. We will try to find some trails to get out on while there. I also clicked on everything because this is a volcano and who knows what to expect up there!
  4. Roy & Kristin Zirpoli

    US Northwest Off The Beaten Path

    Putting feelers out to see who's interested on such short notice...The plan is to go from Calapooia Rd this side of Sweet Home to Sisters all on forest roads besides one small paved section. We'll camp where we land Saturday night and finish the route Sunday. I have said it is only a mile long...
  5. RollingFortress

    US Northwest Nehalem River Crawfish Campout and River Float

    We will be reserving all five walk in sites at the Henry Rierson Spruce Run CG along the Nehalem River for a 21 and Overland party and crawfish boil. There are also 34 drive in sites where others can come to camp. The event is perfect for families and the party people as there is enough distance...

    US Northwest Tri-Cities Meet up at Horn Rapids CG

    First Meet up for the Tri-Cities. More of a tail gate hang out. Let's introduce ourselves and eat some BBQ. I will bring a small BBQ and a few beverages. Feel free to bring whatever. Horn Rapids has been owned by Benton County since the 1960s after having previously been used as an...
  7. Mike Dubya

    US Northwest Route of the Hiawatha Bike Ride

    *** UPDATE** Unless we have a volunteer to bring an extra shuttle vehicle, I think those that attend will have to use the Hiawatha shuttle busses. My second vehicle that was going to shuttle us had an engine failure. We are still going- hope to see you there! You’ve said you are going to do...
  8. noah.wass

    US Northwest Sunday Run

    Last minute Sunday trail run. I was planning on heading out to the Silver Star Scenic Area to explore. I have a 2004 4runner and will be sticking to basic trails (no rock crawling, mudding).