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  1. MichaelGX470

    New Member, New Build, New Adventures.

    Afternoon Overland Bound folks! I look forward to spending probably way too many hours learning, reading and connecting with folks here. Should be a fun ride for sure. In regards to brief introductions here we go: -My wife and I recently purchased a 2004 Lexus GX 470. Almost all records...
  2. TM Overland

    New member!

    My wife and I signed up at the Expo (totally awesome event!) Long time campers, Long time 4WD - nothing serious or crazy, but new to Overlanding. 2018 4Runner TRD Offroad Rooftop tent Taking our time rigging everything out. Where the heck to start?!?!? Looking forward to being part of the...
  3. bjaSF

    New member from the bay area!

    My name is Brian from SF! Excited to get my taco on the trail soon! I'm excited to be part of the OB community!
  4. CameronDallaire

    Trip from FL to LA

    I am a brand new member and hardly know how to work this app/site yet haha. If there is already a thread for this than I apologize. I am 25 and have my 2013 JKU almost set to go for LA Cali. I am traveling from st.augustine FL and the maps won't show up for me in the app. I wanted to map out how...
  5. kevinpdx

    #5972; checking in from Portland - hello!

    Hello everyone! Glad to be a part of the community finally. I call Portland Oregon, here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest my home. Looking forward to meeting some awesome people, learning, and getting outside to explore. I don't have a super luxurious or large rig but my lifted 2002 Forester...