new zealand

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  1. ryanjohnsonhunt

    OC New Zealand OLB Members Meet & Greet - 02/16/2019

    Informal Meet & Greet for OLB Members. Will be good to put faces to names, check out each other's vehicles, and swap trip ideas. Bring your own food and your gear to cook it on, I'm keen to see everyone's different cooking setups! Coordinates lead to a cool little spot in Cornwall Park away...
  2. Hank Outdoors

    Canada - Atlantic Region Meetups

    Hello Atlantic Region Overlanders!!! Let's get this region going! Anyone have any interest in setting up a meet-up, trip, Rigs and Coffee or Pigs and Rigs? Spring is on the way...let me know so I can help! Message me @Hank Outdoors if you're itching for more events in your area. Sean "Hank"...
  3. ryanjohnsonhunt

    Growing the New Zealand OB community - meet ups, FB group, etc

    I am honoured to be the new Member Representative for NZ, and am really excited to be part of growing a local OB community here. There is definitely a wave of enthusiasm for adventures in the outdoors general and 4x4 going at the moment, especially in the cities like Auckland where people want...
  4. CROwarrior21m

    New Zealand Trip

    Currently planning a trip across New Zealand. Basing it mostly on what my brothers did a few years ago, but looking for other things to add to the list to try and hit up. Won't be with my truck, but will consist of plently of camping sites between beaches, mountains and fjords. Won't be any...
  5. PhrankinPhoenix

    EXCITED to be HERE. THANKS for allowing me to join in!

    Hi to all! New member here from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I have extensive overland & travel experience in & around the western states, mid-west, Canada, Mexico, Central America, New Zealand and Europe. Thank You for letting me join in on exploring the great content and extensive forum here...