We are moving in! I have questions....

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Hi all,

My name is Tyler, I am 40 years old, and I currently live in Canada. My wife and I have been on the fence for moving to New Zealand for a while. My brother-in-law made the move years ago to New Plymouth and it has always been in the back of our minds. We have been told this is a lengthy process and are hoping to be there by September 2022. I am currently in school finishing up my Education degree and should be done by April next year. My wife is also an educator. We would be bringing our two younger kids and (hopefully) our dog.

The plan is to fill a container and have it shipped over with anything that fits as it'll be cheaper to ship some things than buy new when we get there. Things like furniture, beds, etc. We know a lot of our appliances will need to be replaced as they are meant for 120V power.

What should I bring off my current overland rig? Does it make sense to bring all the camping stuff or save room for the household stuff? Can I ship solar and battery items? What gear is expensive in NZ and does not make sense to leave in Canada?

Any help is appreciated and I look forward to my first NZ meetup in 2022.