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  1. fledwell

    FREE Gaia GPS Premium Membership with OutdoorX4 Magazine Subscription

    Looking for inspiration to get out and explore the road less traveled? OutdoorX4 Magazine has partnered with Gaia GPS to offer a 3-month Premium Membership when you subscribe to OutdoorX4! OutdoorX4 Magazine has been a proud sponsor of Overland Bound, and is a premier archival quality print and...
  2. J

    What maps and GPS for the Trans America Trail?

    Hey all, new member here on the forum and I'm looking to see who's done the TAT in their rig. I'm wondering what GPS gear you guys would recommend and where to get/download the maps. I'm thinking about getting an iPad Mini w/ Cellular and GPS. I would obviously download the maps for offline mode...
  3. Jacob LaTour

    Maxtrax or DeLorme?

    I have a little money to throw at the truck. Was thinking a set of Maxtrax. Recently ive been reading about navigation tools, im thinking about giving a DeLorme or something similar a try. Currently I just save offline google maps. Just downloaded Gaia, haven't tried it yet.. Wondering what you...
  4. CaseyW

    Over-road: comprehensive route planning tools

    Looking for recommendations for a good route planning website and app combo that would help with routing a multi-day long distance road trip. Bonus if it has logic for fuel range, daily start/stop timing, camping/hotel recommendations along the route. This is a different focus than trail...
  5. D

    Overlanding GPS System - Magellan TRX7 - Feedback and Review

    Hello all, Does any one have the Magellan TRX7? I am looking for feedback about the unit. Experience in the field. Mounting solutions. Please share: 1. Model you have 2. Photos and descriptions of mounting 3. Positive Features 4. Negative Features 5. Other aspects...
  6. FreelandRyan

    GPS options?

    Hello all, hopefully I've got this up in the right section. I am looking for the best viable option for navigation systems on and off road and suggestions/reviews would be greatly appreciated. It seems through search I cant find much in the way of navigation. Currently I have a My Gig...
  7. Luis Merlo

    Cheap Navigation gear

    When GPS or other high end navigation gear is not available for whatever reason, and no paper maps can be found for the area you are looking at..... A cheap 7 inch Android tablet ($40) and FREE ...pdf and image maps from Google can do the trick !