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  1. PapaDave

    Epic Whistler BC MTB Trip

    My Journey July of 2017 I had a Honda Accord and borrowed my friends Tacoma to visit Sequoia National Forest and Kings Canyon with my daughter. Suddenly I had a thought that I liked this truck and maybe I should get one though I’ve never owned a truck before. I’ve never really camped, more of a...
  2. FrankRoams

    SOLD Orange County, CA - Mountain Bike- $5,000- Local Preferred

    I am parting with one of the most bad ass bikes I have ever built. Spec build is over 10k, it is lightly used and will be selling for 5k firm. Listing here first before I resort to craigslist with a lesser build spec. This is about as high end as it gets. if you're not familiar with anything...
  3. SColloftheWild

    Hello from North Phoenix!

    This is the same post I made in the Newbie welcome thread, but thought I would start a new one for anyone in my vicinity to chime in or anyone with a Nissan related question they would like to share with me. Hello All, Name is Scott Coll and been around the Overland Community since 2008...
  4. AdventureWithDanan

    Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail

    Date: 29, March 2017 Weather: 75º and perfect So this post isn't exactly about a trip I took in my truck, however it was most certainly overlanding, though through a very small stretch of land. I took a bike ride through a 13 mile section of the Blue Ridge Mountains (I think more...
  5. Crispy

    Let's see your bike rack!

    I've been looking around and haven't seen a thread on bike racks. I personally have a Thule on the back of my rig, but I'd like it to be higher up so I don't bump it on rocks. So I was thinking about adding a 10" riser to my trailer hitch for more clearance. Share your bike rack pictures here...
  6. Laughing Otter

    Mountain bike? Stickers? Which topic?

    Ahhh, what the hell...I'll make a new topic, just wanting to show off my new Overland Bound Decal on my 1998 GT STS 1000...Bad Ass!!!!