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  1. JasKolp

    1999 ML320 "AAV Montana" Build

    Hey guys! I wanted to get a thread started for my build of my Merc, and go in more detail of what all I want to do to it. I have a 1999 Mercedes-Benz ML320 with 106k miles on it. Its in pretty good condition for its age, with the usual wear on it and some very minor body damage (a few dents...
  2. JasKolp

    New Member in SC!

    Hello all! My name is Jason and I've been a long time lurker and recently became a full member. I have been camping since I was a Boy Scout, and a few months ago I purchased a ML320 to use as my expedition rig. My goal is to also convert it into the Mercedes in The Lost World of Jurassic Park...