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  1. uncompromise

    Gen 3 Montero / Pajero / Shogun Jerry can mount

    Hi all - researching the options for cost-effectively mounting a 20 litre Jerry can on the Gen 3 (preferably without having to drill into the door itself). I’ve seen some interesting side mount options for spare tires, but the best I’ve seen is for rotopax, which are too small for our needs. I’m...
  2. Gravel Seeker

    Pajero Gen 4 in Norway (aka Montero - 2014 model)

    I picked up a 2014 Pajero IV (4) this spring with 90.000kms on the clock and spent the summer starting to build it. Did some sound proofing of the cargo area and built a storage system for it. It's not done yet because 1) I was designing as I was building and 2) I changed the initial design idea...
  3. Boort

    Stumbled upon this today

    Overland; Through the Middle of the World. Beautiful photography and trip report. Boort