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  1. michiganoverland

    SE Michigan Rigs & Coffee 2.0 - 06/30/2018

    We've had one rigs & coffee earlier this month, so we figured we'd have another. This one is going to be at Halmich Park on 13 Mile in Warren, MI. I'll bring the coffee ( donations will be welcome but are not necessary). This is a fairly large park so we should be okay with a good number of...
  2. Ohio Valley Overland

    Rigs and Coffee - 06/02/2018

    This event is being held the same weekend as the Unlimited Offroad show in Louisville Kentucky but is not officially affiliated with the show. We will be meeting at the new Hiene Brothers Coffee at 1250 Bardstown Road Louisville KY Mid-City Mall. This is also their grand opening at this...
  3. Radknightranger

    Overland Expo 2018 WEST Caravan - Midwest-Chicago to Flagstaff - 05/16/2018

    We will be leaving 4/16/18 from Chicago and arriving on 4/17/18 in the evening around 6pm ish. Our mid point stay is in Oklahoma at a KOA. splitting our drive time in to two 12 hour ish drive times. View Rally Point Details
  4. Rover7284

    Chicagoland Overland Bound Travel Group at River Road Rally Park - 05/05/2018

    Meet at the park starting at 10 am. Pack a cooler, no grilling or alcohol allowed in park. All 4x4 vehicles with at least all terrain tires welcome, courses have technical levels suitable for multiple rig capabilities, from stock to custom to ORV. Ask around for the Chicagoland group. $22 per...
  5. S

    Central Oklahoma Meet and Greet - 04/28/2018

    We will meet at Hollywood Corners in Norman, OK. You can order food and drinks at the counter inside. If the weather is nice, there is plenty of shade and seating outside. View Rally Point Details
  6. Chris Radalia

    Weekend Run to Red River Gorge - 05/11/2018

    Looking for a weekend trip to start this spring out right. View Rally Point Details
  7. S

    Reoccurring - Central Oklahoma BBQ & Rigs - 02/10/2018

    Rudy’s BBQ View Rally Point Details
  8. Madbodhi

    "Grill and Gab" meet and greet - 02/17/2018

    Meet and greet Saturday February 17 6pm. Prime Quarter. Janesville WI Food, fire, and support group Casual get together at a grill your own steak ( or seafood) restaurant.Reasonably priced ($25) Recount past adventures and plan new ones. Giant charcoal grills, copious amounts of food, abit of...
  9. BackWoods

    Event Cancelled - Spring NE Ohio Covered Bridges Tour - 04/28/2018

    Ashtabula County is Ohio’s Covered Bridge Capital boasting more of these magnificent structures than anywhere else in the state. Home to 19 covered bridges, Ashtabula County is also the home to the longest and shortest covered bridges in America!
  10. GatorDoc

    West Michigan Meet & Greet - 01/27/2018

    A casual get together for folks in - or willing to travel to - Western Lower Michigan. Join us in the Grand Rapids for dinner, conversation, and weather permitting showing off our rigs; dinner venue TBD once I have preliminary RSVP numbers. UPDATE: Location is going to be Charlie's Bar and...
  11. trailspinTV

    Badlands Offroad Park - 11/11/2017

    Chicagoland Overland will have a handful of rigs meeting at Badlands Offroad park in Attica, IN for a full day on easy/moderate trails inside the park and camping after at Off the Trail campgrounds. View Rally Point Details
  12. Asa Farquhar

    Nebraska Meet Up - Rigs and Cabelas - 11/04/2017

    Sorry for the short notice, a few of us are planning to meet up at Cabelas in Omaha Saturday Nov 4th to look at rigs and get to know each other. 9:00 AM in the Northwest corner of the Cabelas parking lot near the horse corral. View Rally Point Details
  13. MidwestTim

    Event Cancelled - thanksgiving in the woods

    camping and logging roads in wayne national forest, we will be meeting up on Friday morning and staying until sunday, I am bringing a deep fryer and turkeys along with a few side dishes. me and member swafftybuilt will be hosting this event. camping is free! feel free to contact me with any...
  14. Rover7284

    Chicagoland OB Travel Group - Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail - 11/04/2017

    A group of OB members out of the Chicagoland area are going up the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail starting 0830 Saturday 11/4 through Sunday 11/5. We'll see how far we get. It's our first group adventure, but all are welcome - kid and family friendly. It should be a simple trail, possibly wet...
  15. RAngone

    Recovery classes in the Midwest region?

    Hi all, Im looking to see if there are any instructors or classes scheduled this year for recovery skills training in or around the Chicago area. Outside of the big shows I haven't found any information on this subject and want to get some hands on training before our winter trip. I reached out...
  16. SwampcatJeep

    Northeast Oklahoma Meet and Greet - 04/07/2018

    Randomly recurring meet and greet for Northeast Oklahoma. I know we're pretty widely dispersed, so I'm open to moving this around to accommodate those who don't live in the Tulsa area. Bring your traveling compadres and beverages. We'll hang out, discuss rigs, gear, plans, tell stories, and...
  17. Samuel Brown


    Im new to overlanding and i am looking for some decent trails/off grid camping areas in the midwest. thank you
  18. michiganoverland

    Michigan Overland NE, NW, and U.P. Meetup - 08/05/2017

    Our meetup for all our friends in the northern parts of Michigan. We'll be having this one at Shorts Brewery I. Bellaire. View Rally Point Details
  19. Overland-Indiana

    Overland Bound - Midwest Region Meet and Greet - 08/11/2017

    ***Please read this entire post*** The venue for the first OLB - Midwest Meet and Greet has been set for Brown County State Park in southern Indiana. Dates are August 11, 12th and 13th. Staying 2 nights. Since this is a state park it is more developed camping than I like, but hey...there is...
  20. michiganoverland

    Michigan Overland Southwest Meetup - 07/22/2017

    Our Southwest Michigan meetup for anyone interested in joining us to talk anything and have some beers. We're meeting at Founders in Grand Rapids from 4pm until 10ish. View Rally Point Details