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  1. Robert OB 33/48

    A round trip through Europe after the several Lock downs.

    Hello folks, As all our trips are cancelled for this year, which means, no Spain, no, France, no Morocco this year. At least all the planned trips are off. What I would like to do, as soon as it is possible, is the following; I like to make a roundtrip through Mid Europe. The Netherlands...

    Southeast OB Rally!

    Im just an OB member here but wanted to give a huge Thank You to @Michael and @Corrie for coming out to Arkansas and having the desire and vision to put on this great meetup with everyone. Thank you @Kent R for organizing us and teaching us. Thank you @AdventureWithDanan our Southeast...
  3. Robert OB 33/48

    The Region part is used I think a bit wrong already

    Dear fellow Europeans, The issues for specific European items as planning, information and so on is very much ok here. But; Quote; Overland Bound by Region This is for planning local meets and get togethers, and meeting people in your area! If you could, please keep the general topic of...
  4. Robert OB 33/48

    Rally points and more

    Hello folks, As we dont have an ambassador for the Mid European region, I will try to be your point of contact untill someone is popping up and will take it over. I asked Michael what it means to be an Ambassador, so, when I get the answer, I will put it here and if someone is standing up to...