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  1. D

    Resolved Goose Island Campground Campsite Incorrect Geolocation

    For some reason the Goose Island Campground Campsite (near La Crosse, WI) that I put geolocated incorrectly. It should be at 43.73546363460892, -91.22906711534074 . Don't know what I did wrong when I added the location. I attached the Google Maps lookup for reference as well. Sorry for the...
  2. Socal R50

    Trail Map

    Hello, I've been looking for a good trail map that is free while allowing downloads. Any recommendations? Thanks
  3. Fozzy325

    Old school map reading class

    I am preparing a MAP reading course here in Calgary and i want to run the syllabus through with you guys / girls /Zijn I'm going to have to dig out my Mountain rescue navigation books again for the advanced Basics, Direction What is map reading North, East, South, West North and South poles...
  4. SVgarage

    Not Showing Up On Map

    I joined as a member a couple of weeks ago. It looks like most of my profile features are working, but for some reason, I do not show up on the map, nor is there a "view map" link on my forum posts. Is there something that I need to activate? Or do I need to pass a certain amount of posts or...
  5. TRT87

    Where do you get your maps?

    Where do you get your maps? So, I am a map nerd. I’ve always loved them. As outdoor enthusiasts and overlanders maps are vital to our exploration. There are many places to find maps and I have researched a number of free map sources, many that are capable of being used with GIS programs...
  6. WesAdvance

    How do you map your travels? Share them with friends?

    I keep a live map that pulls from my Jeep using "Automatic" and their API. I display my routes on a map on my website. Similarly, I 'checkin' to places I like using Foursquare/Swarm and grab that data and display it on a map. I delay the map by 3-5 days to protect my privacy, but I love having...
  7. TRT87

    What Map Program AKA Geospatial Information System (GIS) do you use for overland planning?

    So there are many Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) on the market for the outdoor enthusiast. They all have varying degrees of usability, ease of use, and features. I was curious which ones were most popular among Overlanders. Personally, I love Google Earth. I’ve used it for years in the...
  8. Road

    Resolved Bad Map Links

    Just letting you know - in looking to see if I show up on the member map (I wasn't for awhile so was checking both mobile and desktop devices), I ran across bad links both in Safari and in the OB Talk app. Using Safari on iPhone X (both up to date): Logged in, clicked menu icon on the left of...