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  1. WesAdvance

    How do you map your travels? Share them with friends?

    I keep a live map that pulls from my Jeep using "Automatic" and their API. I display my routes on a map on my website. Similarly, I 'checkin' to places I like using Foursquare/Swarm and grab that data and display it on a map. I delay the map by 3-5 days to protect my privacy, but I love having...
  2. WesAdvance

    Do You Keep a Vehicle Journal?

    Does anyone else keep a journal of things that they do to their vehicle? I log every time I make a change to the Jeep and include the miles, date, type, cost, and any notes to give a detailed account as to what was changed. Here's an example of my journal, what does yours look like? What other...
  3. Vyscera

    Mark Twain National Forest

    While many folks in St Louis were caught in a nasty ice storm last friday ( 16Dec) I left work early to head south to the MTNF. There are a ton of logging roads and trails that wind between creeks, rivers, and lakes. There are quite a few campgrounds, from free primitive to full service paid...