land between lakes

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  1. Sjo527

    Land Between the Lakes Trip

    This was the trip @Hattyz and I took with some friends this past weekend to LBL. It was our first true dispersed camping trip and i think we learned quite a bit.
  2. joshjunior

    Anyone heading out this weekend around AR or Middle TN

    I know it's looking like rain but I'm starting to get cabin fever loop
  3. NashvilleKara

    US Southeast Land Between the Lakes trip

    Hey all! Planning a weekend trip from the morning of March 6 to March 8 at Land Between the Lakes. I've already reserved Colson Hollow for camping. Anyone who would like to join us let me know!
  4. D

    Land between lakes

    Hello! I am trying to plan a three day adventure with my husband and am thinking about the land between lakes in Kentucky. I was wondering if this is something that is doable in January as well as if it would require three days or is it more of a day trip? We will be driving a F150 that has been...