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  1. Natchez

    BFG KO2... C or E Rating?

    I am soon to be in the market for some A/T KO2s and wanted to know the forums opinions of going with the C or E range tire. They will be going on 2015 Silverado that rarely tows anything. Will the E range last longer? Unfortunately, for my moral, the truck is mostly street driven as well.
  2. Sev

    2017 WK2 1941 Edition

    This thread exists to help me document and share my modifications to my 2017 WK2 1941 Edition. Do not expect a speedy transition from stock to overland beast as I am limited in my time and resources. Feel free to pm me with any questions. 2017 WK2 1941 Edition, 5.7L, Granite I had her stock...
  3. OverlandEasternCT

    BFG All Terrain KO2s

    So my truck recently went into the mechanic on temp plates to get it registered and get everything clear. Tires is one of those things. My parents had to go pick up my dads truck from there this morning. And apparently the mechanic said the BFG all terrains are junk and shred halfway through...
  4. seb

    Tire size from Imperial to Metric

    Hi Guys did a quick search on this but couldn't find much. I need to change the tires on the boss's 4x4 Land Rover Defender 110 Currently it has 35/12.5R17LT 's on there, but these are absolutely useless in the snow and the car is currently in the French Alps. I'm looking at the KO2's from BF...