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  1. OverlandEasternCT

    Suggestions on kayak/roof rack solutions

    Hi everyone, i’m looking for some suggestions on what i should do to get the best of all. Currently on my 2015 outback i have a yakima off grid with my ARB awning, and i have Malone Multirack that sort of fits. Not exactly how i’d like to. it slides a lot. Now i plan on adding the 18 inch...
  2. Boostpowered

    North texas kayak fishing

    If anyone in dfw east area has a kayak and a need to fish and wants to meet another member contact me. My wife and i gish lake tawakoni, lavon, ray hubbard, fork, cooper regularly also hit smaller resivoirs and creeks in the area.
  3. Road

    Kayaks - Inflatable, Rigid, Folding. . . whaddya have and how do ya like it?

    Well, the title of this thread says it all, pretty much. I've been pondering the purchase of a kayak to take along on my wanderings. Mostly for getting out there alone for fishing and photography, though I may have a dog at some point and would like to be able to accommodate another person from...