joshua tree

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  1. 805RADO

    US West Joshua Tree BLM Clean UP

    Ok so here we go again! Large 40ft dumpsters are being dropped off in the remote landscape of the Sunfair Dry lake bed, adjacent to our beloved Joshua Tree National Park, 250+ people showed up last time and $6000 dollars worth of gear was given away. This trip will be no different. Nov 9th and...
  2. Roxxie

    Overlanding in Joshua Tree N.P.?

    Since its so close to me- Id really like to get my feet wet with camping and exploring, but don't know the area too well. Anyone been there and can recommend trails or places that would be perfect for a newbie? Im not ready to go bouldering yet... LOL

    1983 Jeep CJ5 Build

    My base rig is a 1983 CJ5. I think the thing was towed behind a motorhome in the 80’s for 29,000 miles and then sat in a warehouse until 2008 when I bought it. Since 2008 I I’ve put roughly 5,000 miles on it. So my base rig was an 1983 CJ5 with 34,000 miles on it. Since this was my Ken doll...
  4. Raul B

    Joshua Tree to Big Bear with Overlanding USA....

    We were lucky enough to receive an invite from Overlanding USA for their next trip to film episode 4. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it because the rig was still with Mercenary Offroad having the custom front bumper made but as luck would have it he finished the bumper a...
  5. J

    Road Trippin

    Taking a road trip to Joshua Tree, CA; Sedona, AZ; Monument Valley, UT; Antelope CYN, AZ; Zion National park, UT; and the Grand Canyon. This is a solo trip and I really don't have any time constraints. Looking to do some offroading, but nothing too crazy. I drive a 100 series with stock...