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  1. sasquatchoverlanding

    US Midwest Overlanding For Beginners

    Event for the newest to a couple years experience in Overlanding, camping, and off-road. View Rally Point
  2. sasquatchoverlanding

    Indiana Is For Beginners

    Almost 4 years ago I went from a Ford F-150 to a Toyota Tundra. When looking for parts to add to the Tundra then I came across Overlanding. I dove down this rabbit hole of adventure and started to do my research and planning of my rig. It was 2.5 years in and I went to a meet-up. I felt out...
  3. KB8WXZ

    US Midwest Any Interest in a Monthly Meetup in Cincinnati

    Just gauging interest in setting up a monthly meetup for the Cincinnati or SW Ohio, SE Indiana and NKY area. The purpose of the meetup would be to get to know others in the area, build relationships, organize some adventures, share knowledge, learn, show off our rigs, work on rigs, etc. I'm new...
  4. Ohio Valley Overland

    Cancelled THOR 2021

    The Trans-Hoosier Overland Route (THOR) is a 511 mile overlanding route that connects the Hoosier National Forest to the Indiana Dunes National Park by gravel and dirt roads. The THOR also connects three different offroading parks in western Indiana along with interesting cultural attractions...
  5. Ohio Valley Overland

    Cancelled TREADS AND TURNS

    This is a social gathering of Overland Bound Members that are interested in snow sports like skiing, snowboarding and tubing.View Rally Point
  6. Hank Outdoors

    US Southeast The Jason Eddy Land Between the Lakes Extravaganza

    This will be a ride and camp weekend to celebrate a great friend Jason Eddy, a fellow Off Roader, Overlander, a Father and the most humble person you will ever meet. Jason was diagnosed with ALS at the beginning of the 2020. This is a man who asks for nothing, and has no idea we are doing this...
  7. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Southeast Southeast Summit at the Farm

    This will be a meetup of the border regions of the Midwest and the Southeast held at West 6th Farm in Frankfort, KY. The Farm has hiking and biking trails so bring those boots and mountain bikes along.View Rally Point
  8. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest Midwest Winter Meetup

    This is a chance to meet other overlanders and do a little sliding down a hill on your choice of skis, snowboards or tubes
  9. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Southeast GEARS & BEERS

    Beer and's kinda complicated so read the instructions....
  10. theriddler33

    Newbie here from the Hoosier State (Indiana)

    Just wanted to say "hello" to everyone from the Crossroads of America...Indiana! I'll probably be spending a lot of time on this site in the future as I'd like to make my dream of overlanding a reality. I'd love to hear back from anyone else in my neck of the woods (or anyone else for that...
  11. Samuel Brown


    Im new to overlanding and i am looking for some decent trails/off grid camping areas in the midwest. thank you
  12. cdsmith_2002

    Haspin Acres ORP, 12.10.16 (OH-KY-IN area)

    We have a few vehicles heading to Haspin Acres on 12.10.16. We will meet at the park at 10AM or you can caravan over with us. This is an Off Road Park. We usually trail ride into the afternoon or early evening. Its not an epic Overland trek. We're "low risk types". Come on out! Rookies...