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  1. Jermaniac

    Imprezzed Forester

    I'm happy I stumbled upon this forum, just when I thought forums were dead since Facebook became a thing. Greetings to all reading my long post, typing from the Netherlands, where there just isn't an overlanding scene. Two years ago I bought a bone stock, cheap Impreza wagon with 200k...
  2. Smileyshaun

    Subaru action/trail shots

    love getting your subie dirty? Have a knack for squeezing it down a trail it shouldn't be on ? Does it spend more time offroad dangling on 2-3 tires then it does on all 4 ? do you like to think its the yeti and like to blast it across the snow? Show that Subaru love and share some trail pics
  3. Tinker

    The Rot Wagon: Lifted 99 Subaru Impreza

    It started out as a $300 beater that was "supposed to be" my new daily while I made major upgrades on the Land Rover project... things quickly got out of hand, as they have a habit of doing. Here it is as of today, 11" taller & temporarily borrowing a few tools from the Rover to prep for...
  4. THEpoorguy

    Keeping things trashy

    now that I've had time to work some of the kinks out of my rig, I figure it's time to make a build thread. This isn't my first subaru build, but decided to go auto with this one. Having the auto tranny has helped considerably allow my small, under torque engine get me over hills and obstacles...