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  1. b0wfin

    First Hondas to Summit Imogene Pass Colorado 13,114ft???

    Imogene Pass Report: Our group consisted of two Pilots, a Ridgeline (=AZXnUasgwHCWI36y895P16KHoIa0QsPbF7EuwRF7xPIOHiC3MHaFZ-L7TpI36ysOIIWr7msTjd2oSj2s1FzUTq6nUxZzE6uJaaORoEK49oy6mTqzPEp3Hb2Zx8j1fxWVCmk&tn=*NK-R']#nolodesigns), a Passport...
  2. b0wfin

    First Hondas to Summit Imogene Pass??? Colorado 13,114ft

    Imogene Pass Report: Our group consisted of two Pilots, a Ridgeline (=AZXnUasgwHCWI36y895P16KHoIa0QsPbF7EuwRF7xPIOHiC3MHaFZ-L7TpI36ysOIIWr7msTjd2oSj2s1FzUTq6nUxZzE6uJaaORoEK49oy6mTqzPEp3Hb2Zx8j1fxWVCmk&tn=*NK-R']#nolodesigns), a Passport...
  3. VA6IKR

    Need help choosing my first set of AT tires!

    My rig is a 2004 Honda Pilot. I’m trying to decide what my first set of AT tires should be. I’m mostly oriented towards softroading as i tend to stick to the gravel trails in the rockies here, though i do wanna attempt some slightly more technical trails in the future. My commute is all highway...
  4. CR-Venturer

    1999 Honda CR-V - "Ganbaru"

    Hello all, Figured I'd start a build thread even though not a ton of progress has been made on this rig of mine. I figure it's as much a "to do" list for me as it is sharing my journey building up the CR-V with you guys. My rig is, as mentioned, a '99 CR-V. The CR-V debuted in 1997 and...
  5. banana_havoc

    New Member from Ontario, Canada - 2006 Honda Pilot

    Hey guys! Not going to lie, I joined to pick the brains of a few guys with the same rig because I want to try and maximize its usefulness. So far I've got a 2006 Pilot with 180kms it has: 2003-5 Taillights Atoto A6 double din head unit with steering wheel controls, dash cam and back up cam...
  6. Laughing Otter

    Overlander, Adventurer, Traveler...Impressed by a Honda CRV?

    Overlander, Adventurer, Traveler...Impressed by a Honda CRV? Yes... Lets start with a quick backround story. So, about 6 months ago I was looking for a small fuel efficient AWD vehicle to use for day trips and adventures. Nothing hard core, nothing for multi day, week, or monthly...
  7. Terry Pickens

    SOLD 2008 Honda XR650L Adventure Bike

    Low mileage 2008 Honda XR650L, 6,624 miles, medical reason forces sale. $4,000. Many extra parts and all stock equipment included in sale. Original gas tank and air deflectors never used. Extras on bike: Acerbis 5.8 gallon gas tank, skid plate, rear rack with frame stiffners, 1” bar risers...
  8. W

    New member in Las Vegas, Nevada. Any other HONDA owners on here?

    Awesome to be a part of the group I appreciate the hospitality! Any other members in the Las Vegas or Nevada area? Current rig is a 2002 Honda CRV AWD Any other Honda rigs on here?
  9. Buzzard13

    Honda Element?

    So I am a Purest. My family never owned imports. 1995 and older with a few exceptions I'm okay with but I'm not a huge fan. When the FJ came out I liked it, even though it was a Toyota, style was okay but it was functional. Well I borrowed a friends rig to drive down to town, she owns a Honda...