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  1. Road

    GUIDELINES FOR POSTING in Local - National - International Organizations

    LOCAL - NATIONAL - INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Overland Bound intends to be a leading and instrumental force in helping members and public better understand land issues and where and how they can be involved in local, national, and international organizations and efforts that promote low-impact...
  2. Michael

    Our Mission - You are doing it!

    Hey all, here are some thoughts to kick off your week! Overland Bound. Our Mission. What we stand for. Where we are going. While traveling recently in the Sierras, I was pondering important issues and though I should share. Why we do what we do is obvious to us, but maybe not be to all. This...
  3. Michael

    Overland Bound Founding Principles

    Welcome! I'm Michael and I accidentally created Overland Bound. I'm a backwoods country bumpkin from a town of 360 people. Seriously, my grade school was 70 kids TOTAL. My mom was the school nurse. We walked to the country store a mile away, and bought groceries "on the tab". The store owner...